Rules and Regulations


Please read these rules carefully. Any infringement of the rules could lead to a permanent ban on trading at the Car Boot Sale.

  • Strictly no new items to be sold
    (E.g. catalogue returns, ex-shop stock etc)
  • No confectionary eg sweets, fizzy drinks crisps or chocolate bars.
  • No counterfeit goods to be sold.*

  • No weapons to be sold.

  • No Tobacco or Alcohol to be sold.*

  • It is the sellers responsibility to make sure all goods been sold or on display, do not contravene any UK laws, this will include the resale of illegal Ivory. *
  • Plant sellers must pre-book. (Telephone 01429 881917)

  • All unsold items and rubbish must be taken off site at the end of the day.

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead and dog waste must be picked up. (Please don’t leave dogs unattended in parked vehicles)

  • All sellers must be off the site for 2pm. (In some circumstances the boot sale may finish early e.g. adverse weather conditions, this will be down to the managements discretion)

  • The managements decision is final.

* We work closely with the Police and Trading Standards. They will be informed of anyone selling counterfeit or illegal goods.