A Beginners Guide to Car Booting at York Racecourse

  1. Try to arrive between 7am - 7.30am.
    (Just join the queue at the road beside the Racecourse stands)

  2. No need to book except if you are selling plants.
    (See Rules and Regulations)

  3. If you are coming in a car decide whether you need a bigger pitch. For a small fee you can do this by parking your car side ways. (See price guide)

  4. Try and have the correct rent money for your pitch.
    (Giving every seller change takes time and holds up the queue)

  5. Cooperate with the stewards.
    (They are very busy and they need to keep the traffic flowing)

  6. Have a bag of change for your float.

  7. Bring whatever you need to set up your pitch.
    (Such as a paste table or a clothes rail. If you haven’t got a table you could bring a large cloth to place on the floor)

  8. Have your items priced and be prepared to be haggled with.

  9. Have a good day and enjoy yourself.

For any further information contact 01429 881917